Beechcraft Baron 55 Rental Service

Baron Fly offers pilots a Baron 55 to renew their multi-engine/IFR (ME/IR) EASA or FAA ratings. You also may rent one of our Baron 55 for training, hour building or simply for traveling purposes. Flying a Baron is an experience.

You do not have to own a Baron in order to fly like a Baron.


Our Barons

2 Barons 55 N-Reg or F-Reg


N-Registered Baron 55

For FAA IR/ME licence holders
Wing & Tail de-icing.
Propeller & windscreen anti-icing. 
Fully IFR. GNS430.
Over 4 hours autonomy
160 KT cruising speed
Built 1980

F-Registered Baron 55

For EASA IR/ME licence holders.
Wing & Tail de-icing.
Propeller anti-icing.
Fully IFR. GNS430W
Over 4 hours autonomy
160 KT cruising speed
Built 1968

Fly The Difference


About Us

Baron Fly is a young company that was established in 2018 to bring a quality aircraft rental service to ambitious pilots in south of France. We believe that flying a Baron gives the pilot a very special sensation of flying. We complete the unique Baron experience with our passion for service. Contact us to see what we are all about.
Baron Fly is based in Cannes. But as aircraft are built to fly, you'd find our Barons mostly at Aéroport Cannes-Mandelieu or at aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac.
Fly the difference.


Contact Us

B A R O N   F L Y

Beechcraft Baron 55 Rental Service

Our Barons are based at:

Aéroport Cannes-Mandelieu

Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac

Postal address:

SAS Baron Fly

65 Boulevard Carnot

06400 Cannes



SIREN 842 512 386


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